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Succesvol veranderen door het managen van betekenis en invloed?

Met Brenda Vermeeren (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) onderzocht ik in hoeverre publieke professionals (leraren) te beinvloeden zijn met strategische informatie over organisatieverandering. De resultaten zijn gepubliceerd in Holland Management Review. Read more

New article in Public Administration: Relational job characteristics and job satisfaction

In a new study published in Public Administration, prof. Bram Steijn and I show that red tape (burdensome rules and procedures) decreases the job satisfaction of public professionals by limiting their ability to have contact with and impact on their clients. The study also shows that the negative impact of red tape is stronger in highly prosocially motivated employees, as they are more vulnerable to factors that limit their ability to contribute to others. Read more

New article: Representative bureaucracy and specialist knowledge

A new article has been accepted for publication in Public Administration. The article, co-authored with Leiden University colleagues Johan Christensen and Petra van den Bekerom, discusses the relationship between representation and specialist knowledge in public organizations.  Read more

Blog over wijkteams op

Op publiceerden Bram Steijn en ik een blog over ons onderzoek naar teamprocessen, leiderschap en prestaties van sociale wijkteams. Read more

Opinion article in De Volkskrant: President Trump, the government is not a business

President Trump wants to improve the efficiency of the American federal administration by having the government function more as a business. Read more

New project: Performance of professionals in social welfare teams

From 2017 – 2021, the municipality of The Hague will fund a new research project about the performance of professionals in social welfare teams. The municipality has granted a 200.000 euro subsidy for this five year project, which will be used to hire a PhD candidate. Read more

Paper presentations at NIG conference 2016 in Antwerp

Last week, I was present at the 2016 Annual Work Conference of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) in Antwerp, Belgium. Read more

VENI Grant awarded!

I was awarded a Veni grant of 250.000 euro by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for a four year research project named “Innovation Capacity in Times of Decline: Cutback Management in Local Government Organizations”. Read more

What’s in it for others?

Public professionals are characterized by a desire to help others through their work, and are increasingly confronted with public management reforms that alter their daily work. In a new research article with prof. dr. Bram Steijn and dr. Ben S. Kuipers, we therefore assess the relationship between prosocial motivation and commitment to change. How does prosocial motivation – the desire to benefit others through the job – influence how professionals respond to organizational change?

Read more

Change Management in Hard Times (ARPA)

Public management research has paid little attention to the implementation processes through which public organizations implement cutbacks. In this study, we examine how the implementation of cutbacks is related to employees’ organizational commitment and work engagement in the Dutch public sector, and to what extent the use of change management practices may mitigate a negative relationship between cutbacks and these factors. Read more