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Welcome to my website!

On this website, you can  find information and updates about my academic research. My research is focused on two lines of research. Click ‘read more’ for more information

The research theme Leading Change in Public Organizations is aimed at the role of leadership in the implementation of change in the public sector. In this line of research, I examine to what extent and how leadership contributes to the implementation of change in public organizations. Moreover, I examine how the specific characteristics of public organizations influence processes of organizational change, as well as the role of leadership during the implementation of change.

The research theme Transformation in Troubled Times is aimed at innovation in public organizations during times of cutbacks and financial austerity. Public sector organizations are continuesly confronted with demands for new and improved wats of delivering public services. However, demands for cutbacks may seriously impede their capacity to innovate. This line of research is aimed at examining the consequences of financial cutbacks for public sector organizations’ capacity to innovate, the ways in which innovation is managed in times of financial crisis, and the role of leadership in these processes.

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