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The Management of Change in Public Organizations: A Literature Review

In february 2013, a literature review about change management in the public sector was accepted for publication in the academic journal Public Administration. The article is titled ‘The Management of Change in Public Organizations: A Literature Review’ and is authored by Ben S. Kuipers, Malcolm Higgs, Walter Kickert, Lars Tummers, Jolien Grandia and Joris van der Voet.

The  review includes 133 articles that were published on this topic between 2000 and 2010. The articles are analyzed based on thethemes of the context, content, process, outcome and leadership of change. We identified whether the articles referred to different orders of change, as well as their employed methods and theory.Our findings concentrate on the lack of detail on change processes and outcomes and the gap between the common theories used to study change. We propose an agenda for the study of change management in public organisations that focuses on its complex nature by buildingtheoretical bridges and performing more in-depth empirical and comparative studies on change processes.

The paper can be accessed here:

The management of change in public organisations – A literature review – Public Adminstration