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NIG presentation: The effects of change leadership

On the 28th of November, I presented a paper about the effects of change leadership in public organizations at the 2013 Conference of the Netherlands Institute of Governance.

In the paper, I examine to what extent engaging in change leadership behaviors (such as articulating a vision of change, motivating employees to implement change and giving individual attention to employees who struggle with the change) may result in desirable aspects of the change process. Three aspects are considered: employee commitment to change, high quality change communication and employee participation. Moreover, I examine to what extent the bureaucratic characteristics of public organizations (a high degree of red tape) and characteristics of the change leaders (little reliance on transformational leadership styles) affect the effectiveness of change leadership behavior. The conclusion of the paper is that change leadership may have beneficial effects in public organizations, but that the bureaucratic nature of public organizations (in this paper: a high degree of red tape, little reliance on transformational leadership styles) may impede the effectiveness of change leadership.

If you are interested in the leadership, change and innovation, you can find the presentation here: NIG Joris van der Voet

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