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New publication: Three times around institutional theory

In January 2014, my essay on three recent books on institutional theory was published in Organization. In the essay, I discuss the connections, coherence and contribution of three books: The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism  (2008)  by R. Greenwood, C. Oliver, K. Sahlin, and R. Suddaby (eds.), Institutional workActors and agency in institutional studies of organizations (2011), by T. B. Lawrence, R. Suddaby & B. Leca, and  The Institutional Logics Perspective: A New Approach to Culture, Structure and Process (2012) by P.H. Thornton, W. Ocasio & M. Lounsbury.

If you have an institutional subscription for Organization, you can download the essay here. If not, you can download an author’s version of the essay here.