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Article published in Journal of Organizational Change Management

A research article (in collaboration with dr. Ben S. Kuipers and dr. Sandra Groeneveld) about change management in public sector organizations has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Organizational Change Management. The article is titled “Held back and pushed forward: Leading organizational change in a complex public environment”  and will be published in the upcoming special issue on Organizational Change and Public Sector Work.

The article concerns a qualitative case study analysis of an organizational change that took place in a local government organization. During the implementation of change, the management of this organization was confronted with an external environment that became increasingly complex due to increased external scrutiny, dependency on decision-makers in the political-administrative arena and the effects of the financial crisis. The analysis focuses on how this increasing complexity influenced the change process and the leadership behaviors in which managers engaged. In the conclusions, two propositions are formulated: 1) A high degree of environmental complexity forces public organizations to adopt a planned, top-down approach to change, while the effectiveness of such an approach to change is simultaneously limited by a complex environment. 2) With increasing environmental complexities, internally focused transformational leadership is accompanied by a network approach of leadership.

An author’s version of the article is available here.


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