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New project: Performance of professionals in social welfare teams

From 2017 – 2021, the municipality of The Hague will fund a new research project about the performance of professionals in social welfare teams. The municipality has granted a 200.000 euro subsidy for this five year project, which will be used to hire a PhD candidate. The candidate will be  part of the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University, and will be supervised by dr. Suzan van der Pas (Leiden Applied University – Hogeschool Leiden) and me. Prof. dr. Sandra Groeneveld will be the promotor of the project. A vacancy will be posted on in the second week of January 2017.

The project will focus on the performance of public professionals in the social welfare teams (Sociale Wijkzorgteams) of The Hague. The social welfare teams focus on organizing and arranging care for adult residents of The Hague with serious and/or multiple problems. The teams are the result of a nation-wide reform and have been installed since 2015.

The work environment of the professionals in the teams is characterized by a high degree of uncertainty. The research project will therefore particularly focus on the ways in which public management (for instance: leadership, team work, professional develeopment, rules and regulations) can contribute to reduction of uncertainty, and thereby improve performance. In doing so, the professionals of the teams in The Hague will be compared with professionals in welfare teams of other Dutch cities, as well as with public professionals in different sectors.