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Posts from the ‘Academic publications’ Category

New Article: Should financial cutbacks be equal or equitable?

How do two distinct standards of distributive justice -equality and equity – affect resistance to change of public employees during cutback management? Read more

New article: Relational Job Characteristics and Prosocial Motivation (ROPPA)

In a new article, we examine how reform alters job conditions, and thereby unintendedly feeds back to the work motivation of workers. Read more

Lean and mean or fat and flexible?

Lean and simple organizational structures may make government efficient, but Hendrik Ewens and I find evidence that complex and large public organizations are more innovative. Read more

Can public organizations be innovative during financial stress?

My new article in Perspectives in Public Management and Governance proposes that targeted and open cutback management strategies are required, and identifies environmental and organizational antecedents of such strategies. Read all about it here. Read more

Do universities cut back on teachers or administrators?

My new article with Amanda Rutherford addresses this question in the context of US higher education. Read more

PMRC in Singapore

In June 2018, I attended the Annual Public Management Research Conference in Singapore.  Read more

What happens to professionals when bureaucracy and prosocial motivation collide?

In a new study published in Public Administration, prof. Bram Steijn and I show that red tape (burdensome rules and procedures) decreases the job satisfaction of public professionals by limiting their ability to have contact with and impact on their clients.  Read more

New article: Representative bureaucracy and specialist knowledge

A new article has been accepted for publication in Public Administration. The article, co-authored with Leiden University colleagues Johan Christensen and Petra van den Bekerom, discusses the relationship between representation and specialist knowledge in public organizations.  Read more

Paper presentations at NIG conference 2016 in Antwerp

Last week, I was present at the 2016 Annual Work Conference of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) in Antwerp, Belgium. Read more

In organizational change, public professionals ask: “What’s in it for others?”

How does prosocial motivation – the desire to benefit others through the job – influence how professionals respond to organizational change?

Read more