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PMRA Camilla Stivers Award for Best Article in PPMG

My article “Organizational Decline and Innovation in Public Organizations: A Contextual Framework of Cutback Management” won the 2019 Camilla Stivers Award for best article in Perspectives on Public Management and Governance. Read more

Our textbook on Public Management (in Dutch)

In a joint effort of the Public Management research group at Leiden University, we have published our textbook Publiek Management. Read more

Opinion article in De Volkskrant: President Trump, the government is not a business

President Trump wants to improve the efficiency of the American federal administration by having the government function more as a business. Read more

New project: Performance of professionals in social welfare teams

From 2017 – 2021, the municipality of The Hague will fund a new research project about the performance of professionals in social welfare teams. The municipality has granted a 200.000 euro subsidy for this five year project, which will be used to hire a PhD candidate. Read more

Change Management in Hard Times (ARPA)

Public management research has paid little attention to the implementation processes through which public organizations implement cutbacks. In this study, we examine how the implementation of cutbacks is related to employees’ organizational commitment and work engagement in the Dutch public sector, and to what extent the use of change management practices may mitigate a negative relationship between cutbacks and these factors. Read more

New article in Public Management Review: Leadership and organizational change

With dr. Ben S. Kuipers and prof. dr. Sandra Groeneveld, my research has been published in Public Management Review. The article is titled: “Implementing change in public organizations: The relationship between leadership and commitment to change in a public sector context”. Read more

Research article: Change leadership versus the bureaucracy (ARPA)

Public organizations are often depicted as being bureaucratic, which is believed to limit their ability to adopt innovations and implement change. At the same time, public organizations are faced with continuous demands to implement organizational change Read more

New job: Assistant Professor of Public Management at Leiden University

Starting on 16 March 2015, I will join the Institute of Public Administration at Campus The Hague of Leiden University as an Assistant Professor of Public Management. In this position, I will continue to pursue my research agenda, and I will teach in the institute’s Bachelor and Master Programs.